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Red Bananas and its nutrional values

Red bananas and its nutritonal Values.

Bananas are the world's most consumed fruit and they consists of three natural sugars :Glucose ,Fructose and Sucrose.There are about five types of bananas other than yellow,sweet banana.Red banana is one of them.

They are produced in parts of Asia and south america and exported from there.They are favorite in Central America ,Mexico and some areas in Australia.

Red bananas are smaller and plumper than the common cavendish banana.They have a slight raspberry flavour and also are softer & sweeter when comapred to yellow cavendish bananas.The colour comes from beta carotene present in it .When ripe the red bananas have a flesh with creamy or light pink colour.They are usually ripe when they have a distincive red to purple skin or deep red maroon colour skin with usually a few spots.

Nutritional Values of Red Banana :

Containing large amounts of potassiun,beta carotene and vitamin C these bananas have high nutritional and calorific value and some health benifits.

A medium sized Red Banana contains about 400 mg of potassium which is necessary for proper function of the heart muscles,digestive system and some other daily body activites.

Red bananas are also rich in Vitamin C and fiber which helps to reduce the risk of heart diseases and some cancers,and also help in supporting the metabolism of RBCs and proteins.

Storage :

Like normal Bananas,Red bananas will in a few days at room temperature and are best if they are stored outside the refrigrator.

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